Saturday, May 30, 2009

colourful felts...

i found most of them in the tailoring shop just behind the rm1.50/piece...its slightly bigger than a-4 size paper...
what am i going to do with them thought?
hahhaa...just buy...think later!


  1. wowww.. i want that bright pink, blue... which shop that u found it?

  2. Hah 1.50 per piece? Haiyoooo i bought @ price 2.50 per piece lorrrr.... Nice meeting u!

  3. wah..

    lovely felt n cheaper. before this i ask my friend to but the felt for me. all the way frm aussie...

  4. good price.. paling murah pun rm2. kalau beli by meter tu kadang2 untung juga

  5. hihi...
    the shop is a very little small shop just behind my clinic...was a suprise too she had sooo many colours...but does not come in any bigger than a4 size...
    btw, can anyone advice me on different types of felt?
    the ones that are sold in my teacher's shop is rm6 a4 size...korean felt?

  6. where's your clinic then? hehe
    i sell felts too, from taiwan
    there's many types of felt.
    the price depends on the % of wool/synthetic/arcylic (btl ke eje)
    the higher the % of wool, the more expensive it gets :-)

    btw, it;s cheap tho :-)
    and nice colour too :-)

  7. may i know where did you bought it? i mean where's the clinic that you mentioned? thx :)

  8. hi!! i like those striking color u have
    can u buy it 4 me?

  9. hye there..
    where did u buy those felt?
    n it was so cheaper!!!
    coz everywhere I surf in the blogshop,they sell it more than RM 2..